Real Estate

Warranty Deed
The Grantor (Seller) of property conveyed by Warranty Deed represents that he owns the real estate conveyed, that there are no unpaid liens at the time of closing and that the grantor will defend all legal claims against title.  In essence, the seller promises good title and agrees to be responsible if the title is defective. (more info)

Quit Claim Deed
A Quit Claim Deed offers none of the warranties made in a Warranty Deed.  The grantor makes no promises that he owns the property or has any right to convey it, or that he will defend against or be responsible for liens or other title defects. (more info)

Deeds of Trusts
In Tennessee, a mortgage of real estate is known as a Deed of Trust.  This mechanism of a mortgaging property is accomplished when the owner (Borrower) transfer legal title in his property in a trust to a Trustee (usually an attorney or bank officer) for the benefit of a Lender (bank or other creditors).  (more info)